CPL Volume 2

(Special Issue on Arc Consistency)

Introduction to the Special Issue.
Marc van Dongen; 2:1--2, 2008.

Maintaining Arc Consistency with Multiple Residues
Christophe Lecoutre, Chavalit Likitvivatanavong, Scott G. Shannon, Roland H.C. Yap, and Yualin Zhang ; 2:3--19, 2008.
[pdf] [Abstract]

Enforcing Arc Consistency using Bitwise Operations.
Christophe Lecoutre and Julien Vion; 2:21--35, 2008.
[pdf] [Abstract]

Reducing Checks and Revisions in the Coarse-Grained Arc Consistency Algorithms.
Deepak Mehta; 2:37--53, 2008.
[pdf] [Abstract]

The Expected Value and the Variance of the Checks Required by Revision Algorithms
M.R.C. van Dongen, A.B. Dieker, and A. Sapozhnikov. ; 2:55--77, 2008.
[pdf] [Abstract]

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