Luc Hogie

I3S, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
+33 4 89 73 24 25

CV and publications

I am a PhD in Computer Science (thesis here), Cnrs Research Engineer working within the COMRED research unit. COMRED is a joint unit of the I3S lab and Inria. It gathers the Kairos, Coati, and Scale teams.

My activities include the design, development and operation of Research platforms in the fields of parallel/distributed computing to solve Research problems in graph theory and in IOT, and fog/edge computing. This leads me to initiate and conduct the following projects:

  • Idawi - a middleware for the experimentation of applications over dynamic networks (like P2P networks, Delay Tolerant Networks, Ad hoc networks)
  • JMaxGraph - a graph library for large-scale computations
  • Papareto - a Java framework for parallel self-adaptive evolutionary computing
  • JMR - a disk-based distributed batch processor inspired by Map/Reduce
  • mpi4lectures - a multi-threaded implementation of MPI targeted to lecturing
  • XYCharter - an efficient 2D plotter
Some of these software are also used for teaching at Universté Côte d'Azur. There are of number of tool software to solve a variety of software issues that we met in the lab:
  • Toools - a multi-purpose Java toolbox
  • LMU - a sexy UML class diagrams charter
  • Jalinopt - a Java toolkit for linear optimization
  • Jaseto - a Java toolkit for the XML (de)serialization of Java objects
  • Java4unix - integration of Java intro the UNIX environment
  • Runnable Bundled Jars - a tool for building and executing self-contained JARs of JARs
Past projects include:
  • Madhoc - a MANETs simulator (developed during my PhD at Luxembourg University)
  • DRMSim - a discrete-event BGP routing simulator (in collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent)
  • BigGrph - a distributed graph library
  • Grph - an efficient, portable, easy to use graph toolkit
  • Octojus - a Java middleware for distributing applications over clusters of computers
  • Jacaboo - distributed application deployer

My administrative tasks include the participation to the following committees:

  • Conseil de Laboratoire at I3S ;
  • Commission informatique at I3S ;
  • Commission Restauration at Inria ;
  • Comité des Utilisateurs des Moyens Informatiques (CUMI) at Inria ;
  • Commission des Développements Technologiques (CDT) at Inria.