Jalinopt: a Java Linear Optimization toolkit
Luc Hogie

Last release done on July 13 2017 at 14:17

Many mathematical and engineering problems can be expressed as linear programs, and doing so facilitates their resolution. Indeed it is generally more convenient to transform a domain-specific problem into a linear-optimizable one (that can be solved by any solver) than writing a complex domain-specific algorithm.

Jalinopt is a Java toolkit for building and solving linear programs. It consists of a straightforward object-oriented model for linear programs, as well as a bridge to most common solvers, including GLPK and CPLEX.

Altought Jalinopt is inspired by Mascopt and JavaILP, it provides a significantly different OO model and an utterly different approach to connecting to the solver. In particular this approach offers better portability, and the possibility to connect (via SSH) to solvers on remote computers.