ARTIC Project

ARTificial Intelligence-based Cloud network control (ARTIC)

Funding: 220 k€, French National Research Agency (ANR)
Duration: 42 months, March 2020 - Sept. 2023

By 2021, cloud IP traffic will be the most part of an Internet traffic that complexifies with an increasing devices diversity and traffic dynamicity. A proposal framed at the cloud to face this situation is the Knowledge Defined Networking (KDN), where Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are combined with SDN/NFV and network monitoring to collect data, transform them into knowledge (e.g. models) via ML, and take decisions with this knowledge. Under this paradigm, we aim to design a unified AI-based framework able to learn new efficient cloud network control algorithms. This framework will integrate seamlessly data-driven control (based on ML tools) and model-driven control (based on optimization models), addressing scalability and optimality issues of the cloud control. To do that, we intend to apply two promising AI tools: Deep Learning (DL); and, Reinforcement Learning (RL).

Associate Professor of Networking

My research interests are the optimal network design and management