This page contains some useful resources for new (or not so new) PhD students. We also try to provide some helpful info and pointers to foreign students. ADSTIC can help you in your administrative problems and even in case of conciliation or mediation. Also if you feel like contributing to that page, please contact us at adstic06+websitegmail.com



The EDSTIC website has most of the administrative information you need:

2. Personal Monitoring Committee (PMC)

The PMC (or CSI, in French, that stands for Comité de Suivi Individuel) needs to be held before the 2nd and the 3rd year registrations. The committee will supervise the progress of the PhD and potential issues regarding the 3rd year registration. See here for more information.

3. Trainings

You must at least do 30h of professional + 30h of scientific training and an additional 30h chosen from the two (in total 90h). "Formation au depot des these" is mandatory. There is a catalogue of trainings on ADUM, where you can also apply for them. Furthermore, you can use a form to register out-of-catalogue training to be accepted. See here for more information.

4. ADUM tutors

There are ADUM tutors that can help you to fill in the different steps in ADUM.
Lab Name Email Year
INRIA Charles Dupuy Rony dupuy-rony.charlesinria.fr Second
INRIA Victoriya Kashtanova victoriya.kashtanovainria.fr Second
INRIA Romain Tissot romain.tissotinria.fr First
INRIA Fang Zhijie zhijie.fanginria.fr First
I3S Ali Ballout ballout619gmail.com Second
I3S Zoubeirou mansour.zoubeirou-a-mayakiinria.fr Second
LEAT Fatma Dhaouadi dhaouadi.fatma1989gmail.com Second
LEAT Tran Van Lic vanlic.dngmail.com First

5. Doctoral student representatives

EDSTIC board decides on the organisation matters, pedagogical issues, awarding grants, financial suppports for training, PhD student follow-up...
In this council, there are two representatives of doctoral students and one subsitute. They can help you in many different ways such as mediation, advices, guidances, etc.
Do not hesitate to contact them !

6. Any problem ?

Check this webpage or contact the responsible at EDSTIC: edstici3s.unice.fr


1. Important advices

We lack information on this issue, so if you have any please send it to us.

2. CROUS residences

The International Center of Valbonne (CIV) also proposes temporary accommodations, but those only have a limited comfort (shared toilets and shower, no kitchen but a cafeteria).

3. Private residences

We lack information on this issue, so if you have any please send it to us.

4. Other

You can also rent an apartment in Antibes, Juan les Pins, Vallauris, Biot, Valbonne, Le Cannet and Mougins. Rents are lower in Vallauris and Antibes, and higher in Mougins, Biot and Valbonne. LeBonCoin is a popular french website for advertisement between individuals (and some professionals), useful if you can understand french. We advise you to ask to visit the flat before you rent (to avoid any bad surprises). If you are coming from far away, it might be a good idea to settle temporarily in a residence proposed above, to then look for an apartment once you are here. A good fraction PhD renting an apartment are located around Nice, Antibes-Juan-les-pins because of the ease of access by public transport.


PhD Thesis template is a LaTeX template created by Marie Pelleau, for you to write your PhD thesis (or HDR, or master’s thesis) in accordance with the Université Côte d'Azur guidelines.


There are the two bus networks you need: Zou (Nice and surroundings) and Envibus (Antibes, Juan les Pins and surroundings) By law your employer has to reimburse you half of your public transport expenses (for weekly, monthly or annual subscriptions), even if you are an intern: so keep your receipts and ask HR. Also you can get a free pass for line A from Envibus.


1. Mental Health

Statistically speaking, PhD Students (and postdocs and others), are more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety disorders. Whether your PhD is going good or bad, if you need help don't hesitate to talk about it and seek help, here are some useful resources : As a student, you can have up to 8 free sessions with a therapist as part of this program. Université Côte d’Azur also provides some services (Sophie BERENY, psychologue à Université Côte d’Azur : sophie.berenyuniv-cotedazur.fr) (Check here.)

2. Looking for doctors/specialists ?

To book an appointment with a generalist, dentist or whatever, you can use Doctolib to find most health professionals and book an appointment.

3. Assurance Maladie and Mutuelles

To get reimbursed (fully of partially depending on the procedure and your situation) you need your "Carte vitale" or at least you social security number (ask for a "feuille de soin" in that case): With the carte vitale your reimbursement should be processed automatically, otherwise you will have to fill/send the paperwork by yourself. The Assurance-Maladie reimburses a part of your health expenses, but not fully on everything; often people subscribe to a "mutuelle" which complements the Assurance Maladie (eg dentist appointment might go from 70% reimbursed with AM to 100% reimbursed with AM+mutuelle). You should contact the Human Ressources of your lab to know the mutuelles available to you. For more information about the Assurance Maladie. A special page for foreign students here.


UCA has its own platform for sports offered by them, UCA Sport . It includes a large range of activities, from gym rooms, dance classes, and climbing rooms to the practice of sports such as volleyball and tennis. They also propose events as hikes, practice of ski, stand-up paddle and other according to the seasons. To access all of it, you need your university account (UCA or INRIA or CNRS or other).