Accepted Papers (Full)

Ilkka Törmä and Ville Salo. On Derivatives and Subpattern Orders of Countable Subshifts
Mathilde Noual, Damien Regnault and Sylvain Sené. Boolean networks synchronism sensitivity and XOR circulant networks convergence time
Ilkka Törmä and Ville Salo. Topology Inspired Problems for Cellular Automata, and a Counterexample in Topology
Emmanuel Jeandel and Nicolas Rolin. Fixed Parameter Undecidability for Wang Tilesets
Ville Salo. On Nilpotency and Asymptotic Nilpotency of Cellular Automata
Benjamin Hellouin De Menibus and Mathieu Sablik. Entry times in automata with simple defect dynamics
Heather Betel, Paola Flocchini and Pedro de Oliveira. On the Parity Problem in One-Dimensional Cellular Automata
Alexander Shen and Andrei Romashchenko. Topological arguments for  Kolmogorov complexity.
Thomas Fernique and Mathieu Sablik. Local Rules for Computable Planar Tilings
Kenichi Morita. Universality of one-dimensional reversible and number-conserving cellular automata
Hiroshi Umeo. A Simple Optimum-Time FSSP Algorithm for Multi-Dimensional Cellular Automata
Michael Vielhaber. Computing by Temporal Order: Asynchronous Cellular Automata
Anaël Grandjean, Gaétan Richard and Veronique Terrier. Linear functional classes over cellular automata
Martin Kutrib and Andreas Malcher. Transductions Computed by One-Dimensional Cellular Automata
Pablo Arrighi, Nicolas Schabanel and Guillaume Theyssier. Intrinsic Simulations between Stochastic Cellular Automata
Alberto Dennunzio, Pietro Di Lena and Luciano Margara. Strictly Periodic Points in Cellular Automata
Simon Wacker and Thomas Worsch. Phase Space Invertible Asynchronous Cellular Automata
Gabriele Fici and Francesca Fiorenzi. Topological properties of cellular automata on trees
Katsunobu Imai, Takahiro Hatsuda, Victor Poupet and Kota Sato. A Universal Semi-totalistic Cellular Automaton on Kite and Dart Penrose Tilings

Accepted Papers (Exploratory)

Thomas Worsch. (Intrinsically?) Universal Asynchronous Cellular Automata II
Eurico Ruivo and Pedro de Oliveira. Spectral similarity among elementary cellular automata
Murillo Carneiro and Gina M. B. Oliveira. Synchronous Cellular Automata-Based Scheduler with Construction Heuristic to Static Task Scheduling in Multiprocessors
Sylvain Sené. A necessary condition for boundary sensitivity of attractive non-linear stochastic cellular automata in Z2
Hidenosuke Nishio. Information Dynamics of Cellular Automata II --- A Probabilistic Study
Nazim Fatès. A note on the density classification problem in two dimensions
Maria Joana Soares, Maria Emilia Athayde and Ricardo José Severino. Unclassified cellular automata
Ricardo José Severino, Maria Joana Soares and Maria Emilia Athayde. Cellular automata showing coexistence of dynamics
Nicolas Bacquey. The packing problem : A divide and conquer algorithm on cellular automata
Felipe García-Ramos. Local periodicity and μ-equicontinuity in cellular automata
Shigeru Ninagawa. Solving the Parity Problem with Elementary Cellular Automaton Rule 60
Nazma Naskar and Sukanta Das. Characterization of non-uniform cellular automata having only two point states 0n and 1n
Jean-Vivien Millo and Robert De Simone. Refining cellular automata with routing constraints

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