How to reach Bastia

By boat

Two boat companies connect the french continent to Corsica and propose a travel to Bastia:

By plane

Companies offering direct flights to Bastia: Flight schedules from the Bastia airport web

How to reach La Marana

By bus (at 6:50 am, 8:45 am and 14:45 pm nearby the airport) or by taxi (La Marana is 6.5 km in the south of Bastia, near Furiani). The precise address is:

Village Club IGESA "La Marana"
Lieu dit Pineto
20 600 Furiani
Tél. : 04 95 30 19 10
Fax : 04 95 33 46 66

We are organizing a shuttle service between the airport or harbour and the conference site (check your emails !). Someone should pick you up, so look for a panel with the conference name.


Find more about Weather in Furiani, FR
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There is no free wifi connection at the conference site. We’ll try to setup a temporary low bandwidth wifi for the conference. Pre-payed passes can be bought from Orange

Leaving La Marana

Detail of the shuttles for leaving La Marana on friday and on saturday.

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