Adrien Richard
CNRS Researcher
Head of MC3 team
Laboratoire I3S - UMR CNRS 7271
Université Côte d'Azur, France.

Phone: +33 4 89 15 43 61
Address: Laboratoire I3S
Address: 2000, route des Lucioles
Address: Les Algorithmes - bât. Euclide B
Address: 06900 Sophia Antipolis - France

Research interests

I'm interested in finite dynamical systems (Boolean networks mainly) and their application for the modeling of biological networks (gene networks mainly). The transversal question of interest, behind almost all my works, is the following: What can be said on a finite dynamical system according to the interaction graph of the system (that describes under the form of a graph the interaction between the component of the system)?

Below, I use this color for works concerning mainly the theory of finite dynamical systems, this color for works concerning mainly methods for the modeling of gene networks, and this color for works concerning mainly the modeling of particular biological networks.

Articles submitted
  1. J. Aracena, F. Bridoux, M. Gadouleau, P. Guillon, K. Perrot, A. Richard, G. Theyssier
    On the Dynamics of Bounded-Degree Automata Networks.
    Submitted, 2024.

  2. F. Bridoux, A. Richard, A. Picard Marchetto.
    Asynchronous dynamics of isomorphic Boolean networks.
    Submitted, 2024.

  3. J. Aracena, L. Cabrera-Crot, A. Richard, L. Salinas
    Dynamically equivalent disjunctive networks.
    Submitted, 2023.

Articles in journals
  1. A. Naldi, A. Richard, E. Tonello.
    Linear cuts in Boolean networks.
    Natural Computing, 1-21, 2023.

  2. F. Bridoux, K. Perrot, A. Picard Marchetto, A. Richard.
    Interaction graphs of isomorphic automata networks I: complete digraph and minimum in-degree (slides).
    Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 138:103458, 2023.

  3. J. Aracena, A. Richard, L. Salinas.
    Synchronizing Boolean networks asynchronously (slides).
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    Positive and negative cycles in Boolean networks.
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    Simple dynamics on graphs (slides).
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    Fixed points of Boolean networks, guessing graphs, and coding theory.
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  16. A. Richard.
    Fixed point theorems for Boolean networks expressed in terms of forbidden subnetworks (slides).
    Theoretical Computer Science, 583:1-26, 2015.

  17. J. Aracena, A. Richard, L. Salinas.
    Maximum number of fixed points in AND-OR-NOT networks.
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  18. S. Laurent, A. Richard, O. Mulner-Lorillon, J. Morales, D. Flament, V. Glippa, J. Bourdon, P. Gosselin, A. Siegel, P. Cormier, R. Bellé.
    Modelisation of the regulation of protein synthesis following fertilization in sea urchin shows requirement of two processes: a destabilization of eIF4E:4E-BP complex and a great stimulation of the 4E-BP-degradation mechanism, both rapamycin-sensitive.
    Frontiers in Genetics, 5(117), 2014.

  19. J.-P. Comet, A. Richard, M. Noual, J. Aracena, L. Calzone, J. Demongeot, M. Kaufman, A. Naldi, E.H. Snoussi, D. Thieffry.
    On circuit functionality in Boolean networks.
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    From kernels in directed graphs to fixed points and negative cycles in boolean networks.
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  21. A. Richard, G. Rossignol, J.-P. Comet, G. Bernot, J. Guespin-Michel, A. Merieau.
    Boolean models of biosurfactants production in Pseudomonas fluorescens.
    PLoS ONE, 7(1):e24651, 2012.

  22. M. Mabrouki, M. Aiguier, J.-P. Comet, P. Le Gall, A. Richard.
    Embedding of biological regulatory networks and properties preservation.
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  23. A. Richard, J.-P. Comet.
    Stable periodicities and negative circuits in differential systems.
    Journal of Mathematical Biology, 63:593-600, 2011.
    Here is an ERRATUM to this article.

  24. A. Richard.
    Local negative circuits and fixed points in non-expansive boolean networks.
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    An extension of a combinatorial fixed point theorem of Shih and Dong.
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Articles in conference proceedings
  1. F. Bridoux, C. Crespelle, T. H. D. Phan, A. Richard
    Dividing permutations in the semiring of functional digraphs .
    to appear in AUTOMATA 2024.

  2. J. Aracena, F. Bridoux, P. Guillon, K. Perrot, A. Richard, G. Theyssier.
    On the Dynamics of Bounded-Degree Automata Networks .
    In AUTOMATA 2023, Exploratory Papers collection, 2023.

  3. A. Picard Marchetto, A. Richard.
    Isomorphic Boolean networks and dense interaction graphs (slides).
    In AUTOMATA 2021, Exploratory Papers collection, 2021.

  4. F. Bridoux, N. Durbec, K. Perrot, A. Richard.
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    On fixable families of Boolean networks.
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    How to Knock out Feedback Circuits in Gene Networks?
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Book chapters
  1. E. Formenti, C. Papazian, A. Richard, P.-A. Scribot.
    From Additive Flowers to Additive Automata Networks
    In Automata and Complexity: Essays Presented to Eric Goles on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday, Automata and Complexity. Emergence, Complexity and Computation, vol 42. Springer, pp 323-343, 2020.

  2. A. Richard, L. Paulevé.
    Analyse statique des réseaux Booléens (slides).
    In Mathématique et Informatique. Une photographie en 2018, CNRS Editions, 2018.

  3. G. Bernot, J.-P. Comet, A. Richard, M. Chaves, J.-L. Gouzé, F. Dayan.
    Modeling and Analysis of Gene Regulatory Networks.
    In Modeling in Computational Biology and Biomedicine, F. Cazals and P. Kornprobst (Ed.), Springer, pp 47-80, 2013.

  4. A. Richard, J.-P. Comet, G. Bernot.
    Formal methods for modeling biological regulatory networks.
    In Modern Formal Methods and Applications, Gabbar Hossam A. (Ed.), pp. 83-122, Springer, 2006.

Dissertation and Thesis
  1. Modèles formels pour les réseaux de régulation génétiques et influence des circuits de rétroaction
    PhD Dissertation in Computer Science, University of Evry Val d'Essonne, France, september 2006.

Organization of scientific events
  1. International Workshop on Boolean Networks (IWBN 2020)
    Concepción, Chile, January 7-10 2020.

  2. Workshop sur la Théorie des réseaux booléens et ses applications en biologie
    Nice, 4-7 novembre 2014.

  3. Ecole thématique CNRS Modélisation Formelle de Réseaux de Régulation Biologique
    Ile de Porquerolles, 24-28 juin 2013.

PhD Students

  1. Florian Bridoux, 2016-2019.
  2. Aymeric Picard Marchetto, started in 2021.